The Day Everything Changed - 17/02/2012

It`s been a while since my stem cell treatment in November 2009 and I am pleased to say I am doing really well! I don't think the stem cells have cured me but I am definitely no worse and this is a great sign as I have a severely progressive disease! I am stable and hopefully will continue this way for some time yet! This was always going to be the case as Dr Grekos M.D Head of the international team that developed the stem cell treatment protocol, says, "It goes against traditional theory that we should try to fix the existing pulmonary vasculature, but we are generating new blood vessels with impressive results." This will help to reduce the pressure and stop the progress of the disease, it also buy’s me time to avoid a Lung transplant and to seek the best treatment available for a cure, with the progress of new technology there is always new medications or treatment coming out, one which gives hope is PHAcet trial in Toronto Canada stem cell and gene therapy which has shown to have effect in pulmonary hypertension! by Dr Ducan Stuart at St Michael’s hospital Toronto. who knows it might be available in this country sometime soon we can only hope. I manage to take care of my two children and domost things that mums do, luckily my Mum and Dad help out loads! natandkidsalong with the rest of my family I also have a lot of wonderful friends. I am so fortunate to have so much support which makes life a lot easier, unlike a lot of unfortunate people who have to struggle along with illness like mine .I feel its time for me to give something back in what ever way I can, I have raised awareness of this illness as a result a lot of peoplenow have a better understanding of it, I'm hoping to put together a fund raisingnight of my own to raise money for the pulmonary hypertension Association, I have spoken to some other patients with pulmonary hypertension and some are keen to try stem cells too, so I have been offering my help and advice and if anyone needs my help with fundraising I definitely know a few people who have great ideas. This brings me onto all those kind people who helped raise money to send me to America, I could not believe the amount of support I was given it was unbelievable and thank you just isn't a big enough word!! Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart.