The Day Everything Changed - 17/02/2012

I feel my Pulmonary Hypertension is getting worse i have now started to feel weak and have passed out quite a few times in the past few months, just don't want to do much staying in bed feeling i want to sleep, so glad when i got the appointment to see Dr Leonard when he saw me looking well he could not believe it when i told him that i actually feel worse and passing out, he immediately arranged a meeting and consulted Sheffield after which my Journey started from a Pulmonary Hypertension patient to a Double lung Transplant Patient. and a second chance of Life Thanks to the Anonymous Organ Donor R.I.P may your family get some comfort from this their sad loss. It all started on the 31st July 2011 at Wythenshawe Hospital for transplant assessment! August 1st 2011 had 13 bottles of blood taken this morning, had chest and teeth x-ray and seen the dietician who says I'm a healthy weight! The nurses are nice and taking good care of me!'. Tuesday 02/08/2011 = Bone density scan, Dietician, visit from the social worker. Wednesday 03/08/2011 = Ultrasound of Abdomen, Heart Scan, ECG, Visited the Intensive Care Unit, had a long chat with the Lung Transplant Specialist Nurse. Tired from the transplant tests! Very impressed with Wythenshawe hospital though! Home tomorrow to see my babies. Thursday 04/08/2011 = lung function test, a talk with the Physio , CT Scan. then home hopefully. a good discussion with the Transplant co-ordinator. Home at last! Very tired after all my tests for transplant! My fate is now in the transplant team's hands! I just have to wait for the phone call .(10th Oct. Going to buy my trainers today ready for my new lungs!! And Brandon says mummy make sure u get ones with laces and a good grip! Erm who's the parent? Lol Love you Brandon! I'll soon be able to chase after you :). 18h Oct .seeing the surgeons tomorrow... lol!. 19th Oct. Seen thesurgeon today and he was very nice and I trust he will look after me! They will now have a meeting on Friday and I should go on the transplant list! getting a bit scared now but excited at the same time! . 21st oct . at 04 pm :- just received a call from the transplant co coordinator and as of now I am active on the transplant list!!! Woo hoo! New life here I come!) Its just a matter of waiting for the call, each day goes by your waiting for the call im feeling ill and dont think i will make to the end of this year, i keep worring about my Children Brandon and Isabelle all i want is be a good mum and see them grow up, my mind wonders thinking what can i do , places to go, people to see, things to do , i wont mistreat the organs when im better i dont Drink or smoke or abuse my body with Drugs, just want to enjoy doing the simple things of being a mother, every time the phone rings i thing `IS THAT THE CALL` then the negitive thoughts set in will i ever get the call ?. its so good and thoughtful that people think of others when they have gone, i will be eternally gratetful. Then eventually the call comes what a relief ! its come just at the right time.